Training System

"Learning and Growth" are the basic building blocks of our training system. You find the things you believe that you're incapable of doing, and you train to grow in these areas. If you're the same as you were last year, last week, or even yesterday, that's not growth. Compared to yesterday, you must take small steps today and everyday in order to grow.

1.Hierarchical Training

After entering the organization, or being promoted, this type of training is offered in relation to the start of your new responsibilities. Here at ID, our employees enter training once per year for three years after entering the organization; for a total of four training sessions. For the newly promoted employees, areas such as team management, career development, and business management are undertaken. Even for those in managerial positions, there is still required training.

2. Selection Training

This training corresponds with certain knowledge that will be required on worksites, and it is put into place to improve the general business environment. Employees that seem promising enough, and have shown the capability to consistantly complete their tasks are offered this type of training.

3. Outside Training

We use outside education vendors, seminars, business schools, and even the general IT industry community to learn about things not only from ourselves, but from others as well.

4. Self Development

You will be offered many opportunities to train in a supervised setting. However, we urge our employees not only to train within the company, but outside of the company as well. Our employees make their own time to train and learn the things that they believe will be beneficial to their position, and study things that they can make use of in the workplace. This type of training is just as important as all of the others.