Sustainability Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

At ID Holdings, we consider continuously increasing corporate value to be the most important management indicator and are engaged in initiatives for strengthening corporate governance and enhancing monitoring function. For details, see "About Us > Corporate Governance."


Compliance Policy / Mission

The ID Group complies with laws, ordinances, and regulations, implementing its corporate activities in a sincere and fair manner with no violation of social norms.

  1. As a member of society, the ID Group not only complies with applicable domestic and international laws and ordinances but also acts with a high level of ethics, does not violate social norms, and carries out healthy and reasonable business activities.
  2. In order to ensure this policy is followed without fail, the ID Group will strengthen awareness of compliance, strive for continuous improvement of corporate culture, and establish systems for initiatives to prevent fraud and maintain responsibility.

Indicators for Fair Corporate Activities

All corporate activities of ID Holdings must comply with laws and ordinances, be based on internationally applicable rules, and be both fair and proper. All employees must sufficiently understand the content below and continually make efforts to avoid violating the provisions in their work.

Guidelines *Excerpt

  1. Selection of business partners
    - We shall select business partners fairly based on objective criteria.
  2. Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act
    - We shall not hold discussions or participate in agreements, or engage in any other actions for the mutual restriction of free corporate activities.
    - We shall not take advantage of our dominant bargaining position in business transactions.
  3. Treatment of business entertainment, gifts, etc.
    - We shall not engage in any behavior that deviates from normal business practices.
    - We shall not provide business entertainment or gifts to employees of public institutions (including former employees).
  4. Treatment of transactions with public institutions and political donations
    - We shall comply with related laws and act fairly.
    - We shall not make illegal donations when engaging in political donations.
  5. Response to antisocial forces, etc.
    - The ID Group shall not have any involvement with organized crime syndicates, members thereof, political activities, racketeering organizations advocating a social campaign, or other antisocial forces. The Group shall engage in sincere and transparent business activities which respond to trust from society.

Compliance Promotion System

Organization system
A compliance promotion system has been set up within the Group based on the Compliance Policy. A specialized department in charge of compliance (Legal and Compliance Office) has also been established. The President, Representative Director and Group CEO oversees the promotion of compliance for the entire Group, and the heads of the various organizations within the Group are ensuring thorough compliance.

Contact and whistleblowing system
If an officer or employee of the Group identifies a problem related to compliance, the applicable officer or employee will report to and consult with the head of their division without fail and attempt to resolve the issue. However, if the officer or employee thinks that the division head is unable to carry out appropriate measures, they may also report the problem to the in-house or external consultation and whistleblowing contacts. The Group will conduct investigations and apply corrective measures as necessary in response to these reports.

Establishment of consultation and whistleblowing contacts
Within the Group, the following in-house and external consultation and whistleblowing contacts have been established. Whenever any personnel use these services for consultation or reporting, the applicable consulting or reporting personnel are guaranteed that their actions will remain confidential and they will not receive any unfair treatment.

In order to ensure thorough internal compliance within the Group, a detailed guide called the "Compliance Handbook" has been established. This guide is distributed to all employees as a documentation of compliance standards.

Holding a Compliance Study Session
Based on our Compliance Policy, the ID Group holds a Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Study Session for all employees twice per year. This session is intended to ensure fair corporate activities, to spread our corporate philosophy, and to foster awareness towards compliance among employees. The implementation status, issues, and other details of the Session are reported at management meetings.

Risk Management

The ID Group has established a "Risk Management Policy" to deal with the various risks that arise in the course of conducting business.
The Group has established a Group Risk Management Committee which is chaired by the President, Representative Director and Group CEO and consists of Board of Directors members, corporate officers, and the presidents and related executives at each Group company. This committee carries out identification, evaluation, and management of risk factors affecting the Group as a whole, including sustainability issues, and reports to the Board of Directors.

Risk Management Policy

The ID Group has put a "Group Risk Management Committee" in place to grasp and manage a variety of risks related to its corporate activities and promotes the construction of risk management framework architecture and the use of risk management systems.

  1. While working out the ideal countermeasures for all kinds of risks, this committee is also working to minimize damages due to risk occurrences by ensuring the ideal handling measures are taken promptly.
  2. In addition to establishing risk management for growth in stable earnings at various Group companies, the Group is fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to stakeholders such as clients, shareholders, employees, society, and the environment and working to achieve further elevation of corporate value and continuous development.

Risk Management System

The Group carries out analysis and assessment for the various risks related to the Group in the following categories: "management and finance," "personnel, labor, and general society," and "business division operation risks." The results are reported to the Group Risk Management Committee. This committee develops risk management countermeasures for the various risks which could affect the Group's business activities and carries out risk management for the Group as a whole.

Initiatives Related to Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The ID Group’s business continuity plan (BCP) aims to enable continued operation of the Group’s important business even in the event of emergencies such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and epidemics of new strains of influenza. Through our BCP, we seek to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and to stably provide services to our customers.

In order to achieve these goals, each business division and management division formulates their own BCP for implementing the measures listed below.

  • Evaluate risks which threaten business continuity and implement appropriate measures.
  • In preparation for emergencies, establish plans for restoration to original conditions and implement measures in advance.
  • Hold periodic education and training in order to improve the ability of employees to ensure business continuity.