Sustainability Environment

Environmental Policy   

Based on our mission to “create an exciting (Waku - Waku) future for everyone” the ID Group strives to conduct business that considers the global environment, one of the most important issues to all of humankind.

  1. Environmental Promotion System
  2. The ID Group establishes an appropriate Environmental Promotion System so all officers and employees understand the purpose of and comply with our Environmental Policy.

  3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  4. Striving to protect the environment, we comply with all environmental laws, regulations and other requirements that we have identified.

  5. Priority Items of Environmental Management
  6. ・Reduce environmental load by providing alternative solutions and services that do not have as much impact on the environment.
    ・Reduce CO2 emissions by promoting energy conservation activities.
    ・Avoid using commercial vehicles when possible, and when driving, try to drive as eco-friendly as possible.
    ・Strive to properly manage waste (mainly plastic) by not only reducing waste, but by recycling.
    ・Promote the digitization of information to reduce the amount of paper used.
    ・Promote the purchase of green products.
    ・Actively participate in environmental conservation activities.

  7. Raising Awareness
  8. In order to raise awareness toward our Environmental Policy, and to improve environmental awareness among our officers and employees, the ID Group holds periodic educational seminars and events to actively and responsibly engage in environmental management. We also disclose information and actively communicate with our stakeholders.

  9. Continuous Improvement

  10. We periodically review our environmental policy and regulations, continually striving to make improvements in line with the environmental management system to be as effective and efficient as possible.

    Enacted on: July 25, 2019
    Last revision: December 1, 2021
    ID Holdings Corporation
    Masaki Funakoshi, President and Representative Director

Establishment of an Environmental Management System Stand (ISO14001)

In order to be more friendly to our planet, we act with an awareness to protect the environment and preserve the planet for coming generations. As the importance of environmental conservation increases, we have established an Environmental Management System and obtained certification at our Head Office in the Bancho-Kaikan neighborhood.
We will continue consistently implement PDCA cycles and sustainability measures.

【Registered business】
ID Holdings Co., Ltd.
Information Development Co., Ltd.
ID Data Center Management Co., Ltd.
DX Consulting Co., Ltd.
ID Wuhan (Tokyo Branch)
ID Myanmar (Tokyo Branch)
SYSTEM DESIGN Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Branch)

Specific Initiatives and Environmental Goals

Promoting Green Purchasing and Avoiding Plastics

Considering factors such as necessity and durability, we purchase products that can be disposed of by recycling. We also promote recycling by encouraging the sorting of plastic when disposing of it.

Actual and target values of CO2 emissions and deforestation reduction through recycling

Actual amounts in FY2022 Actual amounts in FY2023 Target for FY2024
Green purchasing rate 100% 100% 100%
Recycling rate 100% 100% 100%

Reducing Paper Usage

To reduce the amount of paper used, we are working to digitize our work and forms of communication.

Actual amounts in FY2021 Actual amounts in FY2022 Actual amounts in FY2023
Amount of paper used 841,392 paper sheets (-30.9% compared to 2020) 702,705 paper sheets (-33.0% compared to 2020) 611,607 paper sheets (-39.8% compared to 2020)

Recycling to Protect Forests

To reduce deforestation, we recycle used paper.

Actual amounts in FY2021 Actual amounts in FY2022 Actual amounts in FY2023
Amount of trees saved from forest logging 94.3 trees 60.8 trees 72.4 trees

Promoting Volunteering

We hold beach cleanup activities to reduce and prevent marine debris from entering the ocean. By raising awareness, the efforts of each individual makes a huge impact.. We are also working on ISO 14001 standards to improve environmental performance. Furthermore, we are earnestly addressing environmental issues; for example, we established an Environmental Enhancement Month at the Group in October 2020.

Actual amounts in FY2022 Actual amounts in FY2023 Target for FY2024
Environmental volunteer activities 33 times, 228 participants 92 times, 566 participants 500 participants or more

Measures on Climate Change

Endorsement of the TCFD Recommendations

 We have declared to endorse the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) .We are a participant in the TCFD Consortium of companies, financial institutions and other organizations that endorse the recommendations. We are carrying out measures to respond to the need for action on climate change and to achieve zero carbon, which we have identified as important materialities.
With increasing the intensity and frequency of natural disasters such as severe rainfalls and major typhoons, climate change impacts the continuity of Group business. Moreover, carbon taxes and other restrictions on carbon emissions may increase amid efforts to alleviate climate change.We expect demand for eco-friendly products and IT solutions to grow.
For the reasons given above, we support the achievement of carbon neutrality for society as a whole. We hope to contribute to carbon neutrality by providing solutions and services that reduce the environmental impact of society overall.


 We are committed to advancing sustainable management group-wide. For this reason, we have built a framework to discuss and examine concrete measures to deal with environmental issues, including climate change.
The sustainability committee, which consists of the President and the Representative Director, analyzes the risks and opportunities that climate change presents. The committee shares policies to respond to these issues and formulates action plans to monitor progress.
The sustainability committee reports and debriefs the board of directors about its policies who then supervises policies and action plans.
The ID Group also constructs an environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001. The results of activities of the EMS are reported to the Board of Directors through the Management Meetings.


Factors that may impact the group include the following.

Risk Management

 To respond to the wide ranging risks associated with carrying out business operations, we stipulated a Basic Risk Management Policy. Additionally, we have established a Group Risk Management Committee which serves as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. Chaired by the President and Representative Director of the Company, this committee includes members of the Board of Directors, Operating Executive Officers, the Presidents of Group companies, and related officers and employees. The Group Risk Management Committee identifies, evaluates and manages potential risks such as climate-change-related risks, and clearly communicates them to the Board of Directors. With respect to climate change, the Analysis Subcommittee of the Group Risk Management Committee liaises with the Sustainability Committee to analyze the risks, formulate action plans surrounding environmental issues, and monitor progress. In addition, the Board of Directors discusses and supervises response policies and action plans that involve environmental issues.

Indicators and Targets

 In evaluating its climate-related risks, we have concluded it is more effective to provide IT solutions and services to deal with climate change directly rather than to alleviate the effects that come with climate change. To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), we are introducing efforts to reduce electricity consumption at our offices, including the head office. In the first half of FY2022, our head office will entirely switch our energy supply to renewable energy sources.

【GHG Emissions】
We have set targets to reduce GHGs, including CO2.
Compared to our GHG emissions in 2020, we aim to reduce our emissions by 20.0% by 2025 and by 30.0% by 2030.

Protection of biodiversity


Our company mascot is a manatee, an endangered marine animal. By featuring our mascot in illustrations, LINE stamps, etc., we hope to help raise awareness for the marine environment.

In recent years, the problem of microplastics has grown increasingly serious. Microplastics form when PET bottles, straws, and other plastic products enter oceans where they become broken down into small fragments. They are extremely harmful as they are often consumed by marine animals. In order to reduce trash that could potentially become microplastics and improve the marine environment, we encourage our employees to use reusable water bottles.

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Support for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Japan

The ID Group supports WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Japan as a corporate member. WWF We support WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Japan as a corporate member. WWF is a global environmental conservation organization that is active in more than 100 countries. Established in Switzerland in 1961,WWF aims to build a future where humans and nature can live in harmony, by protecting the diversity of life on earth, and minimizing the negative impact that human life has on the environment and wildlife.  Having always acknowledged the importance of preserving our earth, we aspire to protect the environment in all aspects of our corporate activities. Modeled after the North American manatee, a threatened species, the ID Group’s mascot Mana-chan serves to protect the diversity of life and to encourage the improvement of the marine environment.  Through Mana-chan’s activities, we hope to portray our support for WWF Japan’s mission and principles of action, and hope to continue to assist WWF Japan as a corporate member. WWF Japan’s mission and principles of action, as well as continuing to support WWF Japan as a corporate member.