Sustainability Materialities

ID Group Materialities (Important Issues)

Evaluating the various problems society is struggling with in recent years from a corporate perspective, we have determined the ID Group's materialities, the most important and highest-priority issues to work on in order to grow alongside society. For these materialities, we build a Value Creation Ecosystem over the recirculation cycle, striving for strategic problem-solving.

For details on the "Value Creation Ecosystem," see "The ID Group's Mindset on Sustainability."

Formulating Materialities

We use the following procedure to formulate materialities.

  1. Identifying Items of Importance
  2. We evaluate the risks and opportunities for our Company from sustainability-related social issues and mega-trends, extracting important items which should be investigated.

  3. Classification of Identified Issues
  4. The above are classified into different groups based on factors such as the corporate philosophy, policies, and strategies, as well as international guidelines such as ISO26000.

  5. Evaluation of Importance (mapping the identified important issues)
  6. To evaluate the degree of impact of each important issue we identified, we prepare a “materiality map” to plot the important issues along two axes: importance to society and importance to the ID Group. The issues are then assessed using a reference index called a risk assessment evaluation.

  7. Evaluation of Appropriateness
  8. Through deliberation by the Sustainability Committee, we evaluate appropriateness of important issues.

  9. Identification of Materialities
  10. Taking the deliberations of the Board of Directors into account, we consider the degree of impact on the two axes and identify the 12 items of materiality for the ID Group.