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Thank you for using the website of ID Holdings Corporation www.idnet-hd.co.jp(referred to below as “the website”). Before using the web site, please take a moment to check the items below.

Copyrights and Trademarks

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The Protection of Privacy

The company makes every effort to respect and protect the privacy of users who offer private information to the website.


The company cannot completely guarantee that all information appearing on the website has been appropriately updated or corrected so the company will not take responsibility for any problems, loss or damage arising from decisions made according to information which appears on the website. Moreover, it is possible that there will be interruptions, suspensions, alterations and cancellations without notice by those administering the information that appears on the website but the company will not take responsibility for any problems, loss or damage arising from this.

Links to the Website

Where links to the website have been set up, the URL for each page may be changed or cancelled without prior notice so please link to the top of the page. As contents that are contrary to public order and morals, such as slander, may adversely affect the trust held in the company and its business so the company reserves the right to decline links from certain websites.

Links to Other Websites

The company does not control information appearing on websites linked to the website which do not belong to the company. Please refer to the term of use for the website in question. Please understand that the company will not take responsibility for any information appearing on such websites or any damage arising from the use of such websites.

Appropriate Regulations and Competent Courts

The interpretation and application of the website and the website’s term of use are based on national Japanese law. Further, all disputes related to the website are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of First Instance.

(As of April 1, 2019)