Sustainability Toward Human Capital Management

Message from the President

船越 真樹

The advance of the digital society demands nothing less from the IT industry, of which the ID Group is a part, than relentless transformation. To strengthen its competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth, the ID Group is gaining accurate intelligence about the changing business environment and expanding existing operations while actively investing in new domains.

The ID Group has always regarded its people as its most vital capital. By investing proactively in education to develop excellence in both technical and people skills, the Group strives to cultivate senior-management candidates and advanced engineers capable of leading the next generation. However, to achieve further sustainable growth for the ID Group, we as managers must take the following steps.

First, we must express the Group’s reason for being in words, finding more time and creating more opportunities to engage in dialogue with employees.

Second, we must make efforts to upgrade our corporate culture into one that praises achievement , respecting the individual by respecting diversity.

Third, the Group must create environments and opportunities geared to lifelong learning, including skill upgrading and retraining, both for ourselves and for employees.

Based on our mission of creating a Waku-Waku future for everyone, we must be aware that we are crossing the Rubicon. On behalf of the management of the ID Group, I promise you that we will place human capital at the very heart of Group management, putting to work the dynamic capabilities of employees.

Masaki Funakoshi
President, Representative Director and Group CEO
ID Holdings Corporation

Personnel Training Policy

At the ID Group, we regard people as a vital asset for our companies, the source of our competitiveness and the engine of our sustainable growth. To deliver solutions to social issues through our operations, we strive to cultivate people who earn customer trust with outstanding technical and people skills and constantly tackle the challenges of the unknown.

Personnel Training Initiatives

The ID Group's Need for Personnel Training

Enhancing Corporate Value

A work environment characterized by a diverse workforce, a mixture of workstyles and mutual respect is vital for manifesting the talents of each employee and achieving further growth. To instill a corporate culture that attracts a diverse employee base and spurs innovation, the ID Group is initiating training that moves with the times, thereby enhancing corporate value. Moreover, we return those results to our employees, fostering a virtuous cycle of growth.

Supporting Customers’ Advances in DX

Whether to expand existing businesses or secure and advance into new fields and projects, today’s companies require training to develop personnel with not only technical skills but planning and proposal capabilities as well. To achieve economic revitalization in the regions as well as the Tokyo metropolitan area, the ID Group has launched the Regional Revitalization Project. In Tottori Prefecture in particular, the Group is providing technical support for a local-government DX advancement plan implemented by the national government. By building the environment to support re-skilling of employees, the ID Group supports customers’ advancement of DX as well as regional revitalization.

Training the Next Generation of Senior Management Candidates

The corporate philosophy of the ID Group calls on the Group to be “an organization that takes care to build its organization for tomorrow.” We recognize the importance for sustainable growth of cultivating the next generation of senior-management candidates. Actively recruiting talented people regardless of age, we invest in education and training to develop personnel who are outstanding in both people skills and technical capabilities.

Roles, Skills, etc. Required of Employees

The ID Group defines occupational capabilities and roles required of employees at each level based on a qualification and ranking system for job types and competencies.

An Evaluation System That Introduces Judgement of Task Levels

Recent changes in the business environment from advances in IT and globalization have driven a diversification of the skills needed in the business world, making it more difficult than ever to evaluate the skills that are effective and efficient in contributing to business. To address this problem, the ID Group is shifting its focus from skills to tasks, which provide a clearer picture of contributions to business. This approach to general management combines job-based hiring with a core strength of the ID Group, which is personnel training.

Effects of Introduction of Tasks

To complement skills, which employees accumulate through training and qualifications, the ID Group is adding a new evaluation indicator, tasks. By focusing on tasks, the Group is sharpening its focus on technological strategy, personnel strategy and individual strategy (skill and career upgrading), to foster an environment that effectively generates Group synergies.

Securing Personnel

New-graduate Hires

We hire systematically in the occupations of development, basic services, operations, security, sales and consulting, beginning with the youngest employees.

Career Hires

By actively hiring people who can be immediate assets to the team, the ID Group adds fresh knowledge to the existing corporate culture, aiming to create a diverse enterprise.

Women as Percentage of Hires

Increasing the representation of women in the workforce enables the sharing of multifaceted viewpoints. The ID Group has set a goal of raising women’s representation in its employee base to 50%.

Hiring at Regional Locations

We are increasing our numbers of regional DX personnel and contributing to solution of regional issues and to regional revitalization.

Global Hiring

To hire personnel with a diverse array of backgrounds, the ID Group has set a goal of raising its global hiring rate (rate of hiring outside Japan) to 10%.

Improving Employee Engagement

To improve employee engagement, it is imperative that the Group devise appropriate evaluation systems and encourage self-actualization. To enhance employee motivation, the ID Group is creating an environment that supports increasing the annual salaries of employees and partner employees, assigning the right people to the right places, and re-skilling, and is increasing expenditures on education and training.

Personnel Placement and Training

Strategic Personnel Placement by Centralization of Personnel Information

By centrally managing personnel information, the ID Group is able to evaluate personnel appropriately, grasp its distribution of organizational capabilities, allocate personnel effectively and provide educational opportunities, thereby enabling employees to achieve their career paths. Our personnel management system also assists employees in self-actualization in view of their career orientations.

Personnel Training

The ID Group offers the following training programs to improve employees’ people skills.

Selective training for development of management personnel (president's seminars, officer training, training for new department managers and assistant department managers, NextG training)

To cultivate the next generation of senior management, the ID Group also actively provides training for executives. The president of ID Holdings even serves as a lecturer, driving the personnel-training process. In NextG (“next-generation”) training, carefully selected younger employees learn specialized knowledge and study how to respond to change, cultivating awareness of management perspectives. The purpose of this program is to offer a step up for diverse next-generation leaders and global core personnel.

Diversity training for global personnel development

In addition to offering training in intercultural communication, the Group uses overseas locations to improve language skills and teach leadership. At these overseas locations, participants gain opportunities to do internships with local IT vendors and conduct fieldwork, through which to enhance their global awareness.

Successive level-based training and training for promotion to management

All employees receive successive education at each level, at certain times based on their year of induction into the Group and in coordination with the timing of promotions. From the first to third year of employment with the Group, employees undergo training to develop the right stance, mindset, people skills and other fundamental skills. For employees selected for promotion, training is provided on topics such as team management, career development and business administration.

Improving Technical Capabilities

To advance the cultivation of DX personnel who can respond flexibly to market changes, the ID Group elucidates educational policies, roadmaps and effective study methods for each field, supporting training according to employees’ individual schedules. The Group also cooperates with vendor companies to organize a diverse range of training programs.

Measures for cultivation of DX personnel

Type of measures Overview  Aims
Practical training OJT is provided through actual work. Employees who have acquired skills by obtaining qualifications are provided projects on which to practice those skills, so they can accumulate expertise and learn practical skills through actual work.
Intensive training of selected individuals Selected employees are provided group training and outside training for several days. Focus is on practical skills development, mainly through workshops and practical training. By providing opportunities for intensive study through group training and outside training, etc. using actual equipment, employees are taught practical skills. In workshops, participants exchange opinions, cultivating wide-ranging awareness.
Online study Employees are permitted to view as many training videos as they can within a set time period on their home PCs or smartphones, so they can engage in diverse training at any time, year-round. Employees can thus study the fields and levels they need regardless of place or time. A wide range of courses are provided, from basic study to specialized courses, so that employees can study on their own initiative according to their own skills. This approach raises the base level of skills of each employee.
Seminars and study sessions Qualified persons and evangelists offer seminars on effective approaches to acquire qualifications, effective study methods, etc. Through re-skilling and re-studying, employees acquire DX-related qualifications, boosting their understanding and cultivating the habits of self-study. This process assists employees in forming their own career paths and improving their value as personnel.

DX sales and DX human resource development

Policy on Formation of the In-house Environment

Based on a corporate culture that respects diversity, the ID Group furnishes systems and workplace environments in which each individual can leverage individual characteristics and skills to maximum effect, promoting work-life balance and supporting self-directed career formation. In this way the Group enhances work engagement.

Initiatives on Formation of the In-house Environment

In-house Communication

The ID Group stimulates communication by actively furnishing forums for dialogue between employees and management.  Please refer to: Governance

As tools to promote communication among employees, the ID Group operates resources such as an in-house portal website and in-house newsletter, providing frequent updates on employee benefits, introductions to Group companies and other content of interest. In addition, free space at Head Office is used for monthly informal get-togethers and made available as study rooms before the start of work, with breakfast provided.

Work-life Balance

The Group supports work-life balance through efforts such as reducing overtime work, promoting uptake of paid leave and supporting the training of the next generation, to achieve well-being for employees.

Acquisition of the Kurumin Mark

Since April 2007, the ID Group has been awarded the Kurumin mark, indicating certification by Japan’s Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, four times. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) publishes a “work-life balance support forum,” including case studies and plans of support for work-life balance. For example, ID Group employees can make use of shortened-work-hour system for parents of young children, which can be used until children have completed their third year of primary school.

Certification as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Since fiscal 2019, we have been continuously certified as an organization with 'Health and Productivity Management Recognition 2024 (Large Corporation Category)', which honors corporations that practice excellent health and productivity management.


Initiatives on Health Management

Please refer to: Health Management

Advancing Diverse Workstyles

The ID Group supports flexible workstyles for its employees, introducing remote work, flextime, off-peak work hours and satellite offices. These initiatives are aimed at improving productivity and achieving harmonious work-life balance for each individual. At Head Office, the Group has established hot-desking workspaces, providing a hybrid-style work environment that incorporates elements of traditional workstyles and remote work.

THE Forest Room is a satellite office decorated to suggest a forest. Individual booths for video conferencing and small-group conference rooms are among the facilities.

THE Forest Room

THE Ocean Room is a satellite office decorated to suggest the ocean. The space can be divided up freely according to work objectives, boosting productivity. As a space with unique value in promoting communication across organizational lines, THE Ocean Room plays a vital role in creating new business opportunities and innovation.

THE Ocean Room

Diversity and Inclusion

The ID Group respects the diversity of its people. We actively furnish an environment in which anyone, regardless of gender, nationality or disability, can make use of their capabilities to maximum effect.

Promotion of Women in the Workplace

Selected female employees can participate in university-sponsored study opportunities to improve their management skills. The Group also hosts regular exchange meetings for the next generation of female candidates for senior management, young employees and female managers, thereby cultivating awareness about career formation for women. These initiatives encourage the transfer of women from clerical to regular positions and contribute to the elimination of wage disparity between men and women.

Acquisition of the Eruboshi Mark

In 2016 the ID Group was awarded the Eruboshi Mark, certified by the Minister of MHLW. This mark recognizes excellence in five criteria related to the promotion of women in the workplace: hiring of women, continuous employment of women, work hours and other workstyle aspects, percentage of women in management positions and diversity of career opportunities. The status of these initiatives is published in the “database of companies that support women in the workplace,” on the official website of MHLW.

Hiring of Disabled Persons

Based in Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, AI Factory Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 as an ID Group company with the goal of promoting the employment of people with disabilities. AI Factory was certified as a special subsidiary in 2016. The company grows leafy vegetables using an agricultural style with LED lighting and a hydroponic plant factory.

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