Investor Relations IR Basic Policy

ID Holdings Corporation is committed to building medium-to-long term enterprise value and raising awareness of the Company’s operations and brand. To this end, the Company promotes dialogue with shareholders, investors and others in accordance with the iR Basic Policy. Through this process of dialogue, the Company strives to fulfill its duty of explanation to shareholders, investors and others while building relationships of trust.

1. Disclosure framework

The Corporate Strategy Department is responsible for timely disclosure and it endeavours to thoroughly publicize the importance of companywide timely disclosure. Any developments and decisions, which may influence investment decisions should be reported by all internal divisions and departments to the Corporate Strategy Department for its advice. After it has been reported to the IR director what information is to be disclosed by the Corporate Strategy Department, the said information will be publicly disclosed with the approval of the board.

2. Disclosure criteria

The company bases its swift disclosure on the principles of “transparency”, “fairness”, “continuity” and “timeliness” set out in rules such as those related to the trading of financial products and the “Securities Listing Regulations” stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter referred to as the “Regulations”). Furthermore, the company will disclose information not covered by the Regulations for Timely Disclosure wherever possible as long as it is judged to be useful to understand the company.

3. Forms of disclosure

Disclosure of information covered by the Regulations is disclosed through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) utilized and operated by national stock exchanges. Furthermore, documents such as securities reports and mid-term securities reports are disclosed through the Financial Service Agency’s Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork (EDINET). For information to which the rules do not apply, where the information is judged to be necessary for investment decisions, it will be promptly disclosed through means such as the media or the company homepage.

4. Dialogue with shareholders, investors and others

Guided by the spirit described in its corporate philosophy, the Company works hard to open channels of full and frank mutual communication, to achieve fruitful dialogue with shareholders, investors and others. When shareholders, investors and others approach us for dialogue (interviews), our basic approach is to include, within a reasonable scope, officers (including outside officers), auditors, members of the senior management team and IR personnel in the conversation. Similarly, we strive to inform the Board of Directors and related members of senior management, in an appropriate and timely manner, of the views and requests we gather from shareholders, investors and others in the course of such dialogue. From the perspective of ensuring that dialogue translates into action, we regularly examine our shareholder structure based on the shareholder registry.

【FY2023 Status Update】

1.Main ID Holdings participants in shareholder/investor dialogue
President, Representative Director and Group CEO; Senior Corporate Officer; Corporate Officer, General Manager, Corporate Strategy Department; IR personnel

2.Number of sessions and description of counterparts
In Japan: 24 dialogue sessions with fund managers and analysts
Overseas: Eight dialogue sessions with fund managers

3.Main areas of interest for shareholders, investors and other dialogue counterparts
Business results, business models, Mid-term Management Plan, capital policy, share liquidity, composition of Board of Directors, other

4.Status of feedback to management team and Board of Directors on the opinions and concerns of shareholders and investors as determined through the dialogue
Feedback was provided to the Board of Directors and senior members of the management team in a timely and appropriate manner
Exchanges of views were held between major shareholders and the Board of Directors

5.Actions adopted as a result of dialogue and subsequent feedback
Improvement of content included in disclosure documents and revision of policy on return of earnings to shareholders

5. Handling of Insider Information

To prevent insider trading, the Company rigorously enforces the Regulations for Prevention of Insider Trading. These regulations stipulate criteria for managing important unpublished information as well as a code of conduct for officers and employees to follow when trading in securities and the like.
Through measures such as conferring with multiple parties simultaneously, the Company scrupulously ensures that it does not divulge important unpublished information, nor create information disparities in the course of dialogue.

6. Quiet period

To ensure fairness as well as to prevent information leaks, the company has implemented a quiet period of two weeks before the scheduled date of results announcements and will refrain from making comments and responding to questions related to financial performance. However in cases of significant changes in performance during the quiet period, the information will be announced according to the Rules. Furthermore, during the quiet period, the company will respond to questions regarding information which has already been made public.

7. Measures on Future Information

Apart from historical facts, the information which appears on this website, such as the medium term business plan and performance forecasts, consists of company forecasts based on management decisions. Accordingly there is no guarantee for such information based on the company’s forecasts and expectations. Since this website is not designed to solicit investors, users are expected to take responsibility themselves for their own investment decisions.

8. Forecasts of Business Results by Third Parties

The Company does not provide support for comments, forecasts of business results or other pronouncements of third parties with respect to the Company. However, the Company sometimes corrects published information about the Company if it finds errors in said information.

9. Response to the spreading of rumors

The company will not make any comments on inquiries regarding the dissemination of rumors. However if it is judged that neglecting a rumor would have a significant influence on the company, the source will be quickly identified and if necessary countermeasures will be taken.