Investor Relations Management Strategy

The Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2022 - FY2024)

In the previous Mid-Term Management plan, ID Group set forth our goal of upgrading our services to make the most of digital technology and thus, built a strong foundation for future growth by training engineers with high expertise in digital technology and making significant enhancements to our services in the key areas of development, operations, and IT infrastructure.

Under the new Mid-Term Management plan, Next 50 Episode II: Ride on Time (FY2022 – FY2024), we will focus on strengthening the support for DX promotion by our clients and developing proprietary solutions. We will further improve profitability by providing high value-added services. In the fast-changing IT industry, we strive to be an indispensable IT engineering partner that firmly and accurately understands current trends and brings about an exciting (Waku-Waku) future for everyone.

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The ID Group has revised upward the numerical targets for FY2023 and FY2024 in Mid-Term Management Plan.

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Numerical Targets

Basic Policies

The 4 Basic Strategies

1. IT Service Strategy

We are committed to defining the technological areas with high client needs, supporting the DX promotion by our clients in collaboration with our partners, and developing proprietary solutions targeting key growth areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and IoT.

2. Human Resource Strategy

In order to expand our DX services and provide even higher value-added, we will further enhance our training system and accelerate the development of our mid- to senior-level engineers into key project personnel and innovative leaders.

3. New Normal Strategy

We aim to better optimize and further enhance the functionality of our operations by revamping our internal core system and advancing other measures. In addition, we will build a smart administrative division, and strategically reallocate personnel to the business division.

4. SDGs Strategy

We strive for a virtuous cycle of "solving social issues" and "enhancing corporate value" by making significant progress in our sustainability initiatives through our business activities.