Investor Relations Dividends

Basic Policy on Distribution of Earnings and Current-term Dividends

ID Holdings Corporation considers the return of profits to shareholders to be one of chief management priorities. The Company is making every effort to secure a strong business foundation and improve revenue stability and return on equity. Accordingly, the Company’s basic policy is to maintain appropriate distributions of profits based on business results.
Also, in the current Mid-term Management Plan (FY2022 through FY2024), the Company is targeting total return ratio, which includes both dividends and purchase of treasury shares, of 50–60%.

The Group decided to distribute a year-end dividend of ¥25 per share for FY2023. Combined with the interim dividend of ¥25, the annual dividend is ¥50 per share.

On October 20, 2024, the Group celebrates the 55th anniversary of its foundation. To thank shareholders for their unwavering support, the Group intends to distribute a commemorative dividend of ¥5 per share as part of the year-end dividend for FY2024. With the inclusion of this commemorative dividend, the Group expects to distribute an interim dividend of ¥25 per share and a year-end dividend of ¥30 per share, for a total dividend of ¥55 per share.

Dividend per Share and Payout Ratio

*The Company conducted a 1.5-for-1 stock split of common stock with an effective date of July 1, 2021. Dividend per share before 2021.3,
 the recorded values are adjusted to reflect stock split above.

Hospitality Programs for Shareholders

The Company is not implementing hospitality programs for shareholders at this time.