Sustainability Efforts to address social issues

SDGs addressed by the ID Group

The ID Group is working to solve various social issues by providing IT services such as construction, operation, and maintenance of IT systems.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals aimed at a sustainable and better world by 2030. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, consists of 17 goals and 169 targets. Currently, Japan is one of the numerous countries who are actively pursuing the SDGs. The ID Group will also contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Social issues

Shortage of human resources due to declining birthrate and aging population in Japan

■Service: RPA and AI for business
We support the automation of business by introducing RPA solutions for our customers’ business. The ID Group provides total support from the selection of tasks for automation to business analysis, tool introduction services, and operation/maintenance services.

  • Business analysis services
  • Introduction support services
  • Operation/maintenance services


  • Realizing rewarding work by improving work efficiency
  • Utilizing advanced skills to build the foundation for industrial and technological innovation

■Related SDGs

Risk of concentration in Tokyo; regional revitalization

■Service: Promotion of regional employment
The ID Group has established a New Normal Adaptation Project and is promoting business process reforms utilizing the Sanin Division in order to avoid the risk of concentration in Tokyo head office and to improve productivity. At Sanin’s ID Cloud Managed Center, we are working to expand our business, including system operation, monitoring, and contract software development that utilize the cloud and remote operation. Regarding the partial relocation of head office operations to Tottori Prefecture, an agreement was reached for the purpose of cooperation and support between Tottori Prefecture and Yonago City regarding business expansion and securing of factor resources in the prefecture. This is the first case of such cooperation in Tottori Prefecture after the spread of COVID-19.

Signing ceremony for partial relocation of head office operations and business expansion in Sanin


  • Realizing rewarding work and economic growth by promoting remote work
  • Risk diversification and regional revitalization

■Related SDGs

Complicated system environments

■Service: Establishment of system infrastructure environment
From consulting to maintenance/operation, we provide total support for stable operation of the system infrastructure environment.

  • Construction of a labor-saving system infrastructure which is highly maintainable


  • Realizing rewarding work and economic growth through stable system operation
  • Through cost reduction and labor saving, we achieve labor saving and create an environment where people can continue to live

■Related SDGs

Realization of diverse work styles

■Service: Vegetable cultivation that employs people with disabilities
With the aim of promoting the employment of people with disabilities in the ID Group, we began operation of an all-weather plant factory in Tottori City in January 2014. The factory was created by renovating a closed elementary school. In May 2016, the factory was certified as a special subsidiary of the ID Group. Based on the concept of safe vegetable production with peace of mind, we cultivate more than 20 types of leafy vegetables without using pesticides.

  • Grown without using pesticides in a plant factory (clean room)
  • Stable price, quality, and supply


  • Eradication of inequality among people and in Japan and creation of rewarding work through stable employment of people with disabilities

■Related SDGs

Delayed implementation of IT in medical fields

■Service: Operation of medical systems
As an electronic medical record operation solution for medical sites, we provide spot services such as creation and operation support for electronic medical record systems, content creation, and data processing. We provide various services at a total of 30 facilities, and experienced system engineers are in charge of operations such as resident-type help desk services, operation support for information system departments, and operation training, and respond to needs related to hospital information systems.

  • Master maintenance for medical information systems
  • Operational support for medical information systems
  • Support desk for electronic medical record operation
  • Spot services such as content creation, training, and data processing


  • Creating a foundation of industry and technology by improving the work efficiency of medical sites

■Related SDGs

Threats of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks

■Service: Security for advanced cyberattacks and automatic network monitoring by AI 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
We utilize the cutting-edge AI security Seceon OTM to provide security solutions using AI machine learning. By visualizing network data, we provide protection against malware activities and information leaks, as well as threat detection and countermeasures against other cyberattacks. AI realizes automation of security operations by combining behavior analysis and dynamic threat analysis in a completely new method.

  • Threat indicators
  • Correlation analysis and alerts


  • Constructing a technological innovation platform by strengthening security
  • An industrial foundation for high-level security at low cost

■Related SDGs

Shortage of IT human resources and complicated system environments

■Services: Cloud-based IT infrastructure, outsourcing of operations
For cloud computing on IT infrastructure, we assist in problem solving with total support from proposal to design, construction, migration, and operation. We will fully utilize our extensive know-how in IT systems acquired by our Group over a period of many years to achieve fast design, construction, and migration. Furthermore, our specialized departments realize a high degree of security for customer systems, and provide fully-managed services ranging from management to operation of cloud service administrator accounts.

  • Multi-cloud introduction services
    • Services for high-quality design and fast system construction
    • Advanced security services provided by specialized units
    • Services for streamlined and short-time system migration
  • Multi-cloud managed services
    • Remote operation and management
    • Monitoring/operation


  • Economic growth by improving operational efficiency through fully utilized IT
  • Technological innovation platforms by improving quality and reducing costs

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