Career Path Image

Career Step:

At ID, there are many ways to advance your career. The main career path enables our employees to become engineers. At the entry level, employees learn about the foundations of IT. Middle level employees use their IT knowledge to interact with customers in various industries to meet their needs through application development, network construction etc. as system engineers. Once an employee steps up to the high level, they begin to focus on jobs such as technological architects, IT consultants, and project managers. Of course there are career paths that lead to high level business management; and even a focused IT professional path that we like to call the “Evangelist” (Top Tier IT Specialist).

Desired Traits in an Employee:

There are three desired traits we look for when hiring engineers. The first is high level technical capabilities and the second is soft skills. The IT industry is expanding in a variety of areas such as hardware and software, network security etc. In order to keep up with the new trends, it is important to always learn new things. Even if you have incredibly high technological capabilities, you must be able to listen to the customer and understand their individual needs regarding the system or application. In addition to this, if you can’t properly relay information through presentations to your team or even to the customers, it is difficult to grow any added value as an engineer. This is why the first two traits must work in unison. The third trait is foundational stance and mindset. This is not a passive attitude, but it is the attitude of a tough individual who can actively get the job done without much guidance when necessary.