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「Corporate Philosophy」 IDentity


「Basic Policy for CSR Promotion」

“In order to create an exciting future for everyone, in addition to working to resolve social issues by providing information services, we shall seek to achieve sustainable growth and create value for society.”

CSR Promotion System

In addition to addressing social issues through our core business, the ID Group seeks to achieve sustainable growth and create value for society.

In order to promote effective ESG throughout the entire Group, the General Affairs Department serves as the secretariat under the supervision of the President. Furthermore, each Group organization has been placed in charge of an ESG field. Each organization gives progress reports on initiatives at meetings of the Board of Directors, management meetings, etc., so that decisions can be made regarding the promotion of ESG.

Important themes

The ID Group has defined important themes in our Mid-term Management Plan that will start from April 2019. The Group will implement initiatives with a focus on those themes.

Stakeholder engagement

Dialogue with employees
◆Holding the “Assembly for Conversation with the President”

The Assembly for Conversation with the President is held four times per year. The Assembly was started in 2013 as an opportunity for communication between employees and top management, including the President. This Assembly is now an essential part of our corporate culture. The themes for Assemblies held in FY2018 are listed below.

19th Assembly Utilization of RPA, AI, etc.
20th Assembly The Present, Past, and Future of the ID Group (Individuals)
21st Assembly The Present, Past, and Future of the ID Group (Work-Life Balance)
22nd Assembly The Present, Past, and Future of the ID Group (Diversity and Inclusion)

◆ Holding the “President’s Special School”
The President’s Special School is a training system intended to raise awareness for the Group Corporate Philosophy and to cultivate leaders for the next generation. Instructors consist of top executives, including the President. The School addresses a wide range of themes such as working-style reform and the creation of new business models. Students are selected from employees recommended by division managers.
The curriculum is held throughout the year and features extensive dialogue between executives and employees at event such as overnight trainings, etc. This makes it possible to create a shared orientation through the training. During the past two years, the School has addressed topics such as “working-style reform” and the “present, past, and future of the ID Group.”

Studying at the President’s Special School

Studying at the President’s Special School

Dialogue with shareholders and investors

The ID Group conducts the following initiatives as dialogue with shareholders and investors.

  1. We have created a Disclosure Policy and made the Disclosure Policy available on our website.
  2. We periodically hold briefings for individual investors.
  3. We periodically (at the time of announcing financial results for the fiscal year and at the time of announcing fiscal results for Q2) hold briefings for analysts and institutional investors.
  4. We visit foreign institutional investors and periodically hold briefings.
  5. We make IR materials available on our website.
  6. We have established a department (Corporate Strategy Planning Office) in charge of IR.
  7. The President personally gives explanations on the Company at IR briefings, etc.

Dialogue with customers and local society
The ID Group conducts customer satisfaction surveys as a method of holding dialogue with customers. Furthermore, the Group communications with local NGOs and other groups through philanthropy activities, etc., in the community.


「Corporate Philosophy」 IDentity


We will always make decisions based on business ethics rather than profitability.

Basic Compliance Policy/Mission
As a member of society, the ID Group complies with Japanese and international law, maintains a high level of ethics, and never engages in behavior that deviates from social norms. By doing so, we conduct healthy and appropriate business activities. In order to ensure thorough implementation of the Basic Compliance Policy, the IDG Group pledges to cultivate awareness towards compliance and to continually improve our corporate culture. Furthermore, we pledge to prevent misconduct and to establish a system for assigning responsibility.

Guidelines for fair corporate activities
All corporate activities of the ID Group must comply with laws. Furthermore, all corporate activities must be fair and equitable as based on internationally applied rules. All of our employees must fully understand the guidelines and rules listed below, and must be constantly aware not to engage in any behavior in violation of said guidelines and rules.

Guidelines *Excerpt

  1. Selection of business partners
    • We shall select business partners fairly based on objective criteria.
  2. Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act
    • We shall not hold discussions for or cooperate in mutual restrictions on free business activities.
    • We shall not take advantage of our dominant bargaining position in business transactions.
  3. Treatment of business entertainment, gifts, etc.
    • We shall not engage in any behavior that deviates from normal business practices.
    • We shall not provide business entertainment or gifts to employees of public institutions (including former employees).
  4. Treatment of transactions with public institutions and political donations
    • We shall comply with related laws and act fairly.
    • We shall not make illegal donations when engaging in political donations.
  5. Response to antisocial forces, etc.
    • The ID Group shall not hold any relationships with organized crime syndicates, members of organized crime syndicates, political/ etc. The Group shall engage in sincere and transparent business activities which respond to trust from society.

Compliance Promotion System

Organization system
A compliance promotion system has been set up within the Group based on the Basic Compliance Policy. The company president and representative director has unified compliance promotion throughout the Group and established a specialized post in charge of compliance (the Compliance Department). In addition, the heads of the various organizations within the Group are ensuring thorough compliance.

Contact and whistleblowing system
If an officer or employee of the group identifies a problem related to compliance, the applicable officer will report to and consult with the head of their division without fail and attempt to resolve the issue. However, if the officer or employee thinks that the division head is unable to carry out appropriate measures, they may also report the problem to the in-house or external consultation windows.
The Group will conduct investigations and apply corrective measures as necessary in response to these reports.

Establishment of consultation and whistleblowing contacts
Within the Group, the following in-house and external consultation and whistleblowing contacts have been established. Whenever any personnel use these services for consultation or reporting, the applicable consulting or reporting personnel are guaranteed that their actions will remain confidential and they will not receive any unfair treatment.

In order to ensure thorough internal compliance within the Group, a detailed guide called the "Compliance Handbook" has been established. This guide is distributed to all employees as a documentation of compliance standards.

Holding a Compliance Study Session
Based on our Basic Compliance Policy, the ID Group holds an Information Security and Compliance Study Session for all employees twice per year. The Session is intended to ensure fair corporate activities, to spread our corporate philosophy, and to foster awareness towards compliance among employees. The implementation status, issues, and other details of the Session are reported at management meetings.

Risk management

Basic risk management policy

The Group has established a Basic Risk Management Policy for handling the various risks which arise in the course of promoting its business.

・The ID Group has put a "Group Risk Management Committee" in place to grasp and manage a variety of risks related to its business activities and promote the construction of risk management framework architecture and the use of risk management systems.
・While working out the ideal countermeasures for all kinds of risks, this committee is also working to minimize damages due to risk occurrences by ensuring the ideal handling measures are taken promptly.

・In addition to establishing risk management for growth in stable earnings at various group companies, the Group is fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to stakeholders such as clients, shareholders, society, and the environment and working to achieve further elevation of corporate value and continuous development.

Risk management system

The Group Risk Analysis Subcommittee starts with analysis and assessment of risks related to the ID Group for each of the following categories: "general management risks," "hazard risks," and "operational risks." The results are then reported to the Group Risk Management Committee, which is made up of members of the Board of Directors, who carry out discussion and verification related to the applicable content.

The Group Risk Management Committee carries out risk assessment operations such as detection, calculation, and evaluation related to the effects of various risks on the ID Group's corporate activities, establishes risk management measures, and carries out risk management for the group as a whole.
In addition, there is a "Group Risk Analysis Subcommittee" established for consideration of individual risks, and this subcommittee carries out risk analysis and assessment for each individual general management, hazard, and operational risk. The Group Risk Analysis Subcommittee reports to the Group Risk Management Committee on the status of its activities.

Initiatives related to our business continuity plan (BCP)

The ID Group’s business continuity plan (BCP) aims to enable continued operation of the Group’s important business even in the event of emergencies such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and epidemics of new strains of influenza. Through our BCP, we seek to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and to stably provide services to our customers.
In order to achieve these goals, each business division and management division formulates their own BCP for implementing the measures listed below.

  • Evaluate risks which threaten business continuity and implement appropriate measures.

  • In preparation for emergencies, establish plans for restoration to original conditions and implement measures in advance.

  • Hold periodic education and training in order to improve the ability of employees to ensure business continuity.