I feel things at ID now are the most interesting they’ve ever been. Cyber Security Division

Career Growth

Older Employees Taught Me a lot

I joined ID in 2004. After a month of training, I was placed in the system operations department. Being able to take on new challenges was a huge part of my experience. During my second year of employment, I began helping out newer employees, which in turn helped me grow a lot as well. Through hard work, I was assigned to be a group leader for the Operations Management Division in April of 2015. I am currently an assistant manager in the same Operations Management Division.

I am currently working on system operations with two different teams (ID's operation team & the customer's operation team) with the goal of increasing efficiency while lowering costs in relation to our systems. Often times, extra work due to system integration efforts arises. We try to make sure that no troubles arise that may lead to an increase in workload or direct customer dissatisfaction. I lead my group through this type of integration work. It requires proper communication, knowledge of the work itself, and high levels of cooperation and understanding with those around you.

Career Goals

I’d like to be Relied on for Security Services

I've work in my department for a long time, but now I’m thinking I’d like to change departments. ID has so many different departments that it’s impossible to experience them all. While I like the idea of having a lot of knowledge from being in a specific field for a long time, I realize that there’s so much more that I just don’t know about when I talk to people from other departments. I feel the same way when I talk to new employees as well, it really makes me excited about what’s to come.

I’m currently most interested in IT security. In an era where information is everywhere, finding ways to protect that information has become an incredibly important task. If I could solve these cutting edge issues, I could certainly broaden my horizons on ways to contribute to the company. I’m working hard every day so that I can achieve my goal of becoming a security advisor. It looks like a lot of fun and I know that with my previous experience and studies from here on out, it would be a suitable position for me.

About ID

The Keyword is “Transformation”

In recent years, I’ve seen the company image change a bit. At first, ID just seemed like a normal company, but now it seems like a company that’s making big steps. With the hiring of non-Japanese employees, we are employing more diverse people than ever before. This has brought about many new ideas, and has had a direct relation to offering better services. Of course there are difficulties associated with this, but there is always a place to actively discuss said difficulties and that's ID's strong point.

We are making steps in work process reform while creating a new corporate structure. These times of progressing through trial and error are the most interesting to me. We are using trial and error in both the work that we do and with corporate structure as well. In order to achieve a better structure, we have to proactively change things around. I don’t think there are many companies that are actively making these kinds of efforts. What’s great about working with ID is that there is no hesitation when it comes to bringing about organizational change.

To Future ID Employees

Don’t Fear Change!

The most important thing is to take a stance where you can communicate with others. As people, we naturally greet others, but making eye contact during a greeting is the first step to creating trust. It’s all about working in teams rather than working alone. We want people who aren’t just good at working with others, but who are also good at communicating with others as well. It’s possible to proactively create dialogue, understand one another, and cooperate to get the job done. We’re looking for individuals who are capable of that.

ID is currently in the middle of a big change. All new employees will play a crucial role in that change. For those who love taking on new challenges and spurring change through innovation and transformation, we very much welcome you to come and join our team. Let’s change this company together.

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