Performance Highlights

Performance Highlights(Quarter)

Net Sales

¥5,881 million (-10.4% YoY)

While trends in system infrastructure and cybersecurity remained firm, fields such as software development and system operation management were affected by the conclusion of five major projects, causing negative impact of ¥602 million. Net sales declined 10.4% from the same period of the previous fiscal year (YoY) to ¥5.881 billion.

Operating Income

¥231 million (-54.5% YoY)

The downturn in sales prompted a decline in income, while the COVID-19 pandemic persuaded corporate clients to revise their system investment plans, in turn reducing the operation rate of engineers. Operating income slumped to ¥231 million (–54.5% YoY).

Net Income

¥137 million (-57.8% YoY)

As a result of the decrease in operating income, net income attributable to owners of parent fell to ¥137 million (–57.8% YoY).

Consolidated Financial Results (Fiscal Year)

Net Sales

Operating Income

Net Income

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